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Welcome to a brighter life, naturally.

I am excited to have this opportunity to share Daygold with you. We’ve leveraged the wisdom of the plant world to create blends that address key health complaints, particularly for people seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a manner that is safe, effective and consistent. 

The obstacles to optimal function are most commonly a combination of pain, sleep disturbance, and anxiety. We have created blends that will optimize functionality without the side effects and downsides of most conventional medicines prescribed for these challenges. Our formulations combine modern technology with traditional plant medicine to produce a better experience of everyday life.

We hope that Daygold will help to provide you with an improved outlook and enhance your life as you wish it to be: one of comfort, security and optimism for the road ahead.

Ethan Russo, MD

A brighter life, naturally.

Hemp-based blends formulated with plant terpenes to ease the days ahead.

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